Your FREE 9 Step Guide on what to do following a Chronic Health Diagnosis

If you have recently been diagnosed

with a chronic health condition, you're feeling scared, confused and overwhelmed right now... 


 You Are NOT Alone!

I'm Steve & I have helped hundred of people just like you with conditions such as -

Stoke, Cancer, Arthritus, Dimensia, Assma, Diabetes, Depression etc...

Moving those individuals from feeling anxious and confused to confident and empowered.


This 9 step guide was created from those experiences in a simple easy to apply way.

I promise it will hold your hand and set you on a path to feeling back in control of your life

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  • The correct way to deal with doctors and consultants to get your points across without feeling intimidated.
  • How to make decisions out of love rather than fear.
  • The importance of having people around you who are level headed and calm.
  • How to be empowered, despite the dificulties you may be experiencing.
  • And much more...
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Hi I'm Steve

A number of years ago I experienced first-hand the devastating impact chronic illness can have when my wonderful mother Joy, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, became blind from glaucoma whilst also suffering from heart disease.
As Joy's health deteriorated and I became her full-time carer, my curiosity around natural and integrative health grew and whilst I had qualified in the areas of Fitness Training, Neuro-linguistic programming and Lifestyle Coaching, I also became an avid 'health explorer', searching for genuine and reliable information regarding natural and integrative alternatives for chronic illnesses.
This information will have undoubtedly contributed to extending the length and also quality of Joy's life.
Eight weeks after Joy passed away one of my dearest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer and after being offered the only option of a mastectomy she decided, with my help to pursue an alternatively natural approach, which was to take us on a truly amazing journey of exploration and discovery, and we were overjoyed when she was officially given the all clear thirteen months later.
During my 'exploration ' I realised that as well as great and credible information there is also some tremendous work being carried out by highly qualified individuals in the world of natural and integrative health to address chronic illnesses, which many of us seem totally unaware of.
So I became extremely passionate about creating a space where this information could be shared, you could be supported and empowered whilst also enabling you to experience a sense of 'Joy'.
Welcome to The Raw McKoy 
Alternative Health Management 

At the Raw McKoy we believe in LIVING...

It's why we want you to know that you have more of a say than you realise.

The key is to positively take control of your experience in any environment you find yourself, rather than let the environment take control of you.

This is the basis of how we are going to help you move forward with Joy in your life.